Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Military-Evangelical Complex

Douglas Becker has reblogged a provocative piece by Paul Rosenberg. While Rosenberg's politics may be somewhat suspect (a self-described "lifestyle capitalist"), he nonetheless makes a good deal of sense, speaking of "inverting the most fundamental elements of the Judeo-Christian tradition" in American society.


  1. No, I was as surprised as everyone else. I am a guest blogger at the Painful Truth and not the site owner or editor.

  2. Well Douglas, all I can say is that the man behind the curtain at PT should be really grateful to you. Without your frequent contributions on that blog it'd be dead as the proverbial door nail.

    1. Gavin, you may want to remove my name from the PT Painful Truth blog over at Ambassador Watch.

      The last three postings have not been mine and it sort of hurts credibility.