Sunday, 25 April 2010

Tabor talks

James McGrath (Exploring Our Matrix) has posted a fascinating hour-long video interview - which I've filched and embedded below - featuring James Tabor, the topic: What kind of Jew was Jesus? Tabor is both measured and stimulating, if a little rambling, and the speculative elements - evident in The Jesus Dynasty - are reined in. Refreshing too is the fact that he is interacting with Jews rather than fundagelical Christians, which means the questions are, in many ways, much more "to the point" rather than tearing off to address the standard apologetic insecurities. Those familiar with Tabor's long forgotten AC links will be interested to note that he also comments on the stalled progress of his Original Bible Project, which draws its inspiration in part from the writings of Ernest L. Martin.

Worth the investment of time? Well, I thought so!

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  1. He's good, and he's giving them what they want. Does he believe this stuff? I don't know, but for a professor's salary I'd give them what they (Bible Belt) want to hear too.