About Otagosh

The name Otagosh is a mash-up of Otago (referring to the university in Dunedin) and "gosh", and was coined around the time I began working on a theology degree.  This is a place to blow off a little steam and occasionally make an idiot out of myself.  My name is Gavin Rumney, I'm a teacher by profession (now largely retired) and currently reside a little south of Auckland - enough to be safely over the border into the Waikato. My extremely modest academic qualification for running a joint with pretensions as a biblioblog are the aforementioned B.Theol with a major in biblical studies (2010).

My previous ecclesial communities are the Lutheran Church of New Zealand (though that's a long time in the past) and Grace Communion International, formerly known as the Worldwide Church of God (WCG). I've also "done time" in a Baptist church. Several of my blog posts have appeared in print in The Journal: News of the Churches of God.

This is intended as an apologetics-free zone.  A sense of humour definitely helps. For those who are pedantic about spelling, Otagosh alternates between American forms (because most readers come from the US), and British forms (because that's the Kiwi way) with absolutely no logical consistency.  Anything else is probably a typo.

The contact address is at otagosh@gmail.com. New posts on Otagosh are notified on my Twitter feed, along with links to other articles and blog posts that catch my attention.

As well as Otagosh I blog at Ambassador Watch. Content there is focused on news, issues and opinion related to the former Worldwide Church of God and its many current splinter groups. A third smaller blog called Gully Heights has a teaching and education focus.

I hope you enjoy your time here.  If it's any consolation, in real life I'm much less opinionated!