Saturday, 20 April 2013

Selling stupidity in New Zealand

Gary Leonard is reporting that Bob Thiel's mini-me sect, the Continuing Church of God, will be holding its first Feast of Tabernacles at three locations; one in Kenya, one in the US, and one - wait for it - in New Zealand.  The blessed venue will be Whangarei where, presumably, he has a devotee willing to hire a phone box and a portaloo for the duration. Imagine, an entire week listening to recordings of Bob's inane, brain dead speculations interspersed with music from the 1974 purple hymnal... how desperate would you have to be?

It never ceases to amaze that some of the dippiest versions of Armstrongism manage to gain a toehold in this country. Earlier this month Dave Pack's Restored Church of God even managed to gain an early morning slot each Sunday on TV1 (arguably the country's leading network) for his television programme. 


  1. Armstrongite sects, even the least impressive, have the momentum of history. The people who sit in the auditorium and listen to the pallid and unremarkable "services" receive all of this into a context that stems from a history of exposure to the vibrant preaching of GTA and HWA. So we see outwardly only bit of the whole psychologal process that is happening. A handy adjective to describe this phenomenon is the term "brain-washed".

  2. Robert Thiel and the Cult of Herbert Armstrong need to learn a thing or two about Entropy although there is a great deal of doubt that they'd understand it.