Tuesday 31 August 2010

Islamophobia and Kristallnacht

Jim West draws the parallel. Hatred of Islam - fuelled by loony toons like Glenn Beck - is as evil as anti-Semitism.


  1. The NY Times will boldly publish a Christian's cross submerged in urine above the newspaper's front page fold. But it is afraid to print one simple editorial cartoon drawing of Mohammed, the god of terrorism.

    In this Islamic world war of conquest, if the Muslims want to put a mosque over the World Trade Center graveyard, when are they going to permit just ONE Christian church in Saudi Arabia and Iran? The answer is never!

    I'll stop burning the Koran if and when the Imams freely allow Christians to build churches in Asia Minor, Mecca and all over the Middle East.

  2. Your slap at Glenn Beck is nonsense. He had Muslim clerics with him on stage at his Restoring Honor event last Saturday. Don't fall prey to "Beckophobia".

  3. So, are you discounting the fact that Beck is a right-wing fundamentalist homophobic Mormon?

    I agree with Jim West. Both Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are wrong; and both are heavily promoted by mainstream Christianity. As witness, the Crusade in Afghanistan right now....

  4. The Islamic community center is not at ground zero...blocks away from the site;the center to be open for all people...As a democracy, we have freedom of religion...Saudia Arabia is a kingdom and does not have freedom of religion...it is time to stop the hate...hate kills the soul...Those like Beck fuel the hate;he reminds me of a pompus,self-loathing,snake oil man selling his wares ...The illegal Iraqui war killed many American soldiers of all faiths...thousands of Muslims and other religions..plus 1 million christians(living in Iraq) were killed or left homeless due to the war...How many have to die for "hate"...America is not giving a very good picture of "home of the brave and free"...We all lose freedom of religion by the hate that is rampant on innocent people of all faiths or non-faiths...mob-rule does not work....

  5. So not wanting a mosque to be built next to ground zero is "Islamophobic" (whatever that is), and anti-semitism is wrong, but criticizing Becks Mormonism is OK? Sounds inconsistent, if not hypocritical to me.

    I've had Mormons as neighbors, and some are real nice people, and some are a$$hats - just like anyone in the broader population.

    In the meantime, I'll take people as they are, one at a time, depending on how they treat me and others.

    Afghanistan Crusade? Interesting choice of words. The same government that supposedly is on crusade in Afghanistan is not permitted to keep a cross up in the middle of the desert that was erected as a memorial to WWI soldiers. If you're going to make a point at least make it a real one.