Friday 16 September 2011

Fair trade for a Fair Go

It's good to read Tim Bulkeley's piece on Fair Trade, and a reminder to those of us who live in affluent countries that the rest of the world deserves a "fair go" too. 

More years ago than I care to remember I got collared into helping set up a local Trade Aid shop and trust (since deceased) in Upper Hutt along with - among others - an indomitible little Irish woman named Orleen.  Quite an experience, in which I learned that the best of intentions are still no reason not to stick to the day job!  Shops are usually both managed and staffed by volunteers, and that makes for an interesting demographic cross section. Green Party members may recollect that the late Rod Donald was a driving force behind Trade Aid before entering parliament. These days fair trade has moved out into the mainstream.  No longer do you have to go looking for a Trade Aid outlet (or its equivalent in other countries) in an unfashionable suburb.  Leading cafes proudly strut their ethical coffee-buying virtues, and the Fairtrade logo can be found on shelves in major supermarkets.  Doing your bit for economic justice has never been so simple.

Tim says it well: Fair trade is a Christian issue.  Justice is the root of justification, the imperative that flows from the indicative, and especially so for those who want to be known as Christians.  Good on ya Tim.

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