Thursday, 22 September 2011

Life in a Pocket Universe, part 145

The latest issue of the Journal (full title: The Journal: News of the Churches of God) is out.  Front page coverage goes to the ever-unfolding developments in the various gospel-preachin' acronyms, and there's a nice selection right there to greet the backsliding, COG-deprived reader who aches for once-familiar insider-language:
  • UCG
  • GCE
  • CGWA
  • RCG
  • WCG
  • COG
News also that editor Dixon Cartwright is recovering from a heart attack that struck in July.  Dixon is one of the good guys, and I'm sure all of us wish him well as he recuperates.

After updates on UCG and the dear departed of the CGWA, there's more to enjoy on the inside pages.  Letters from Sir Anthony Buzzard and an uncharacteristically concise Geoffrey Neilson, a reprint of a significant article on COG history (with some enchanting photographs from yesteryear) by the late John Robinson - compulsory reading!, the usual bloated, looney-tunes ads (which thankfully pay for the serious journalism), more of Ian Boyne's excellent evangelistic adventures in Jamaica (where CGI is still entrenched, long after GTA morphed from a morally dubious televangelist into a morally dubious video game), and more.  Gotta love it!

Four sample pages are yours to read online for free.  Nothing quite like it anywhere else in the known multiverse!


  1. After "Misery of the Ages" is finished, you may change your ideas about "good guy".

    The Journal, after all, supports an insane collections of subcults which lie to you and then take your money. The Armstrongist sects knowingly teach rubbish to maintain their salaries and the hope of the fear that lies within them: Retirement.

  2. It all depends on how you hold your mouth Douglas. Supports or informs? I find The Journal informs, and it informs a demographic which has, over the years, had little quality information on what really happens in the church(es) it supports.

    And, y'know, knowledge is power...

    The "Misery of the Ages" project sounds interesting. Wanna share?

  3. Greetings and jubilation
    At forthcoming celebration.
    And may joy be increased
    As you join the Cogger Feast.

    Just being naughty.