Thursday 22 September 2011

Ever decreasing circles?

Not much happening on Otagosh lately?  Yeah, I know.  It's been a time to focus on other things and cogitate on whether the enterprise is worth pursuing, and if so, where to from here...  and to be honest, it's been great to just set the blog to one side for a while and get on with other stuff.

I intend Otagosh to continue, but a bit of a "freshen up" probably wouldn't hurt.  It's amazing that so many people (apparently including even you, gentle reader) still bother to check the blog out, and presumably find the material here of some interest.  The original focus of my obsession - the ongoing, god-forsaken soap opera of the Armstrong sect(s) - has long since waned; though it's hard not to want to sneak a peek, as Lot's better-half did, back to the devastation from time to time.  Those who ignore history...

In more recent times, fueled by an irrational desire to "do" theology - and acquire some basic insight into the field of biblical studies (minus the delusions that came with the funda-literalist package) - the focus turned from the shattered Empire to wider concerns.  Now that I have an impressive looking piece of paper to prove that I'm not a complete doofus in that domain, and in the refreshing absence of slave-driving university staff wielding whips and deadlines, it may be time to tweak things here a bit.

So, we'll see where it leads.


  1. As much as Otagosh entertains us, the healthy thing is to walk away from Armstrongist sects.

  2. Ya think I did all that AW stuff to ENTERTAIN folk???!!!

  3. Yes..... Now maybe you should consider returning to GCI? They/we are a very forgiving lot.

  4. Entertainment is a byproduct, not the main product. One greatly appreciated.

    My experience appears to be one where people perceive such efforts as entertainment when they are not. It greatly reduces the impact of the intended message.

  5. larry said...

    Yes..... Now maybe you should consider returning to GCI? They/we are a very forgiving lot.

    Careful Gavin...remember your blood pressure and stuff.

  6. Larry, you've gotta stop smoking that stuff. In all the years since a parting of the ways with your beloved WCG/GCI, not one representative has bothered to make personal contact. Any contact over the years has been at my initiative. I see no reason to believe, despite the evangobabble, that this leopard has changed its spots ... or its culture of contempt.

    On the day that Joe makes his unmandated position as sect leader electable, and dumps the hand-picked board of yes-men for a truly representative body, THEN I might reconsider. But I suspect neither of us will be around THAT long.

  7. Yes, Gavin, that is curious.

    From all reports, and from my experience also, no one but no one bothers to make contact: A person just disappears off the radar and that is that.

    Nary a call. Not a single note to say "We missed you". Nothing.

    You've nailed it: Contempt.

    My approach is now that I have learned about the ACoGs and GCI, I have contempt of my own, except that I'm turning it into a cottage business as a barely noticeable irritant to them. New projects are on the horizon: After finishing up "Misery of the Ages" at, it's onward to a new website proposing the entirely reasonable proposition that British Israelism is a Mental Disorder, based on the DSM.

  8. Now maybe you should consider returning to GCI? They/we are a very forgiving lot.


    Are you insinuating that you don't desire to be forgiven by Grace Communion International?

    After all, you've been very naughty when wondering what happened with the promises Junior made and never delivered on.