Monday, 17 October 2011

Spare the Rod

Samuel Martin draws attention to an IVP title, Corporal Punishment in the Bible by William J. Webb.  This is the sort of book that needs to circulate wherever people attempt to apply biblical texts to everyday life.  Let's face it, Christians still form a sizable rump of corporal punishment advocates and, seeking to justify it, appeal to the Bible.

Martin, son of former Ambassador College professor Ernest L. Martin, has long championed an alternative perspective.  Those who still find corporal punishment acceptable include not just biblical literalists but, incredibly, Australian Presbyterians.  Webb's book has the endorsement of a variety of leading figures within the evangelical fold including I. Howard Marshall (who wrote the foreward) and Darrell Bock.  Jim West has posted a brief review online.

Webb challenges parents to "dare to read the Bible differently."  All power to him.

Details on 'Corporal Punishment in the Bible' at Amazon

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  1. Well, yes: It is important to maintain order amongst the prisoners and parents are the early vanguard of Guards for the system.

    It's best for the Guards to use whatever means possible to keep those Prisoners in line, lest the Warden (minister in the church) find that you have not been doing a good job as a Guard!