Saturday 14 January 2012

Evolving Truth

A second quote from Elbert Hubbard (citing Renan).
Renan has said that truth is always rejected when it comes to a [person] for the first time, its evolution being as follows:
  • First we say the thing is rank heresy, and contrary to the Bible.
  • Second, we say the matter really amounts to nothing, anyway.
  • Third, we declare that we always believed it.


  1. Reverse order for me:

    1) I believed it as truth (because of my brother, mostly);

    2) It appeared to me that a lot of things really amounted to nothing much;

    3) After I got my bearings and realized they lied to me and then took my money (along with a lot of other things), I declared the thing rank heresy, contrary to Scripture and put up websites and blogs to prove it.

  2. I think Elbert Hubbard was reincarnated as Brian Billick football coach.

  3. Someone "took your money"? Were you robbed at gunpoint?

  4. No, we weren't robbed at gunpoint. We were scammed. You know, similar to how Bernie Madoff scammed people and now he's in jail.

    Unfortunately U.S. law doesn't hold religion to the same requirements it holds everyone else. That why we see so many obvious scammers on TV peddling religion.

  5. larry said...

    Someone "took your money"? Were you robbed at gunpoint?

    No, but the threat was of eternal death if we did not comply. Amounts to the same thing to those who believed. But, maybe you didn't pay your tithes and "dig deep" as commanded, I don't know.

  6. To borrow from a more recent book - what's all this Elbert stuff?

    Are you suggesting Mr. Hubbard's words were lived out by one of his admirers, who happened to be an "apostle" of the 20th century? Who threw the medicine ball around with him, according to his autobiography?