Tuesday 31 January 2012

Another Year

The Summer break is over.  The kids are heading back to school, and so are their teachers.  Just as the February heat hits... go figure.  As usual I start off the new year relaxed and superbly organized, but perfectly well aware that this edenic state won't last much beyond April.  Such is life.

Where to with Otagosh this year?  Well, to be honest, that is in the lap of the gods.  The usual expostulations about fundamentalism, the rag-tag, ratbag remnants of Armstrongism, the evils of Calvinofascism, the sulphur pits of delusional Reformed apologetics, the luddite Lutherans of the Missouri Synod?  Quite possibly.

Then again, it's nice to say something positive once in a while.  With a bit of luck the first book reviews of the year will have nothing to do with religion, let alone any of the above.

But to start the ball rolling, with a grateful nod to Dan who suggested it, here's an interesting take on The Jefferson Bible (as in former US president Thomas Jefferson) by Mitch Horowitz who has edited a major reissued edition.

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