Friday, 17 August 2012

The sound of distant canons

Donna's 1st Ark Search... no sign here!
The nature of the biblical canon has been a matter of debate in some Christian circles lately.  Last night I picked up my copy of volume 2 of Nicholas King's LXX translation, so the subject was freshly in mind when I then came across a posting on the subject by James McGrath.

McGrath makes some good points.  There is no one canon of Christian scripture.  The core is pretty solid, but there's a great deal of fuzziness around the edges.
"Canons of Scripture, which bring together diverse works from diverse authors in a wide range of time periods inevitably – as well as by intention – reflect the diversity within a tradition and not a monolithic unity. And so to treat a canonical text dogmatically is in essence to undermine and/or deny their canonical status, by pretending that what that one text says is what they all say, and thus flattening – indeed, riding roughshod with a steamroller over – the plurality of voices contained in that collection."
Link that with former Buttwatch... (or was it Baywatch?) star Donna D'Errico's accident-prone hunt for Noah's Ark on Mt Ararat, and it's a posting well worth the energy of a click across to.

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  1. And, it's so funny that the people who wrote the "scriptures" didn't have a canon.