Monday, 6 August 2012


O look, a new country at #9
It's sad really, and in the spirit of Trans-Tasman amity I hesitate to point it out.  And yes, Australia, population 22.6 million, has really done very, very well to currently stand at twenty fourth (that's 24th) on the Olympic medals table.  I think we should all congratulate our dear Australian cousins.

(Pause for polite applause).

Of course, those of us in New Zealand have a mere 4.4 million fellow citizens to correctly pronounce the ancient shibboleth "fish and chips" as fush und chups - in contrast to the Strine version (Feesh een cheeps).  But we don't mind, not really.  I mean, I'm sure cane toads are very pleasant creatures once you get to know them, and that nice Tony Abbott is such an open minded and sensitive man you just know he'd make a wonderful Prime Minister.  Yes, we are very fond of our Australian neighbours. 

So it's with some hesitation I note that New Zealand's current standing on the medals table is 14th (that's fourteenth) - even though our entire population base is less than that of Sydney.

But we're being humble about it, even when a leading Aussie paper - bless 'em - tries to claim our successes by forging a new united national identity  - AUS ZEALAND - especially to save face.  Sydney's Daily Telegraph is welcome to create this new trans-national entity, tongue in cheek or otherwise, but - and I think we have to politely insist - it should be correctly known as ZEALANDOZ instead.


  1. What sheer desperation by that once-great sun-baked land of bronzed sports stars. But even with this rigged leader board, little Kazakhstan (Pop 16m) is beating them.

  2. We could expect nothing less of those who face greater challenges in their lives -- superior adaptation.

  3. Even BBC now talking about the stunning collapse of Australia
    - especially noteworthy given the communist-like levels of
    vanity fueled state funding of athletes there.

  4. And how much Govt spending in pursuit of fleeting national glory?
    A staggering $600m "invested" for London games metals.

    Big spending Aust Govt attracting the attention of SE Asians - piling
    into rickety boats for their slice of this generous Welfare State