Monday 21 October 2013

Beginning of the End

The previous post about the book with the above title has been withdrawn until it can be rewritten. It seems there's more than one Michael Snyder out there, and I had incorrectly identified the author of this bit of trash as the UCG's eminently more reasonable writer of the same name. My apologies over the confusion.

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  1. Gavin. You've probably noticed. History of the Churches of God includes that of splinter/ schism/ disintergration/ division into now 100's. The UCG appears to be the most balanced of the current 'splinters'; based on personal experience, although that was years ago. Even it split; seems to be the inherent nature of these churches? H. Armstrong 'split' from CoG7thDay and you know the rest! There's a pattern to these splits, evident in each report from/by a disfellowshipped or voluntary ex member.