Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lies Bibliolators Tell

Ever heard how critical scholarship of the Bible has been debunked?  That you're completely out of date because conservative, 'evangelical' scholars have trounced the skeptics?  Some new archaeological discovery has proved the historical accuracy of the Old Testament?  All that 'liberal' stuff is so 19th century don't ya know, 'cos my pastor told me so.

Yeah, right!

Peter Enns tackles this bit of conceited deceit in an excellent blog post.  Do share it with your evangelical in-laws!

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  1. "I’m only talking here about uninformed public claims made by Evangelical leaders. They may be rhetorically effective, but they are false and only lead to more cognitive dissonance."

    Not "uninformed" but outright lies is what it does demon-strate to those who have heard it all before and will hear it all again just like a broken record.

    The bible as history takes up a lot of space over at Neil Godfrey's "Vridar" blog - interesting though, so, I'm not complaining. But, when one reads of a single battle that kills off more people than even existed in the entirely of Canaan, one has to wonder what the historian was thinking...