Saturday, 5 July 2014

Billboard Bluster

New Zealand has, praise the Lord, a lot fewer fervent evangelical billboards dotting the countryside than in some other countries. But they do exist, and every time I stumble across one I flinch. Driving out to the coast there's one that offers a cash prize for anyone who can find a Bible text authorizing a change from the Sabbath to Sunday. A loony toons Adventist with a well-thumbed copy of Cruden's concordance at the ready no doubt.

Bob Price has recently vented on this subject on his blog. At the expense of a very poor pun, it's priceless.


  1. No doubt they are signs of the end times.

  2. Here's a new billboard sure to irritate the faithful (in the spirit of SyFy's Dominion):

    Angels -- Because God can't do everything Himself

    OK, does anyone want to explain just why God needs angels?