Monday, 28 July 2014

WCG Nebraska - Can You Help?

Can anyone help Ann out with information? 
I am writing to ask you if you can tell me why the WCG required my aunt & uncle (Neubauers) to make their yearly trips to Pasadena, CA. They became involved with the Worldwide Church of God after listening to the radio broadcast that came on the radio after the farm report. 
My uncle passed away in 1987 and my aunt passed away last year. Is there any way to access information on the WCG services that were held in Burr, NE? (or did the church constantly change where the services were held?) I have a copy of a letter (Jan 1993) that my aunt wrote to WCG ministers named the Hudsons in which she is begging them to return her car to her. She is very unhappy with the way they have been treating her. 
I have been reading the Ambassador Reports but can't find much on any articles related to Nebraska. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Apart from that yearly trip, which was presumably the Feast of Tabernacles, the rest requires some local knowledge. If you want to respond off the blog, email to otagosh will be forwarded to the sender.

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  1. Wow. I don't believe I ever met any church members, students, or SEP campers from Nebraska from 1957-1975 (my tenure with WCG). Also, 1993 was not only over 20 years ago, but also was one year prior to the Tkach reforms. I hate to say it, but most likely any statutes of limitations pertinent to misappropriation of the aunt's car have probably long since expired. Still, If it turns out that ministerial misconduct can be authenticated, I would recommend documenting it and submitting it to Exit and Support Network and the Painful Truth website.