Saturday, 19 July 2014

It's 1963

Or thereabouts. Over 48 hours have passed since the local exchange went into some kind of meltdown with cellphone and Internet coverage dropping through the floor. The cellphone issue was fixed by the next day, but broadband is still out, and I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms. This brief post is the result of tethering the iPad to the mobile phone. Not ideal. Ironic given that VDSL was only installed here less than a fortnight ago. 

In the broader scheme of things it is of little import I guess.  In a connected world it suddenly seems weird not to have the kind of access which would have amazed us just twenty years ago. Once Chorus has pulled digit Otagosh will be back.


  1. Our worst nightmare realized. Perhaps you can give us an update as to the cause when service is fully restored. Our little world of interconnected communication is very fragile. Services could drop anywhere and everywhere instantly if certain conditions occurred.

    To me the greatest threat is that we would be in the information dark ages and it would give rise to nutty kook cult religions gaining ascendancy because people would not have access to facts to analyze and debunk the religion.

    I blanch with terror to think that British Israelism might become respectable.

    1. Well, you are in for a surprise! You have been operating in a Dark Age for ages! If you have joined the scoffing cabal that think the bible is fiction; British Israelism is an aboration and Mr Armstrong was a charlaton, then you have never seen the light!

    2. Wait!


  2. Never heard of VDSL must be a new tech