Monday, 6 June 2011

Price on a Humanist view of the Bible

Preach it brother Bob!

Robert M. Price in Latter-day Scripture.


  1. The late, great, Joseph Campbell placed great value in all myths, Christianity included.

    Of course this infuriates the believers to have their "true" religion placed on the shelf with all "false" religions.

  2. Sorry, but faith is the only evidence you will ever have.

  3. I don't become infuriated at this.

    First, religion is a man-made thing. It's just another box. What I seek is a personal relationship with God, which is what Jesus made possible. That transcends human systematization. And, yes, Douglas is correct about faith.

    Secondly, I've come to realize that nobody in this lifetime has 100% truth. However, whatever elements of truth each of us as individuals enjoy are beneficial to us in everyday life. Truth is a process, one in which we accumulate more as life progresses.

    Lastly, there was a time when I, too, considered all spirituality to be superstition. As life has happened, I've come to realize that considering my short lifespan, and the fact that I'm limited to only five basic senses, that was a pretty arrogant attitude on my part.


  4. Spirituality supersedes religion. Anyone who says differently is just selling something.

    However, just because nobody has 100% truth, is not a reason to stop striving toward that goal by continuing to have the adult attitude of doubt, faith's sworn enemy.

    For example, I have no problem saying that I do not know whether God exists or not. I can, however, say with a great deal of certainty that I do not see any evidence that the god of the Bible, Torah, or Koran exists.

    It is much the same with Jesus. I don't have any problem with saying that a man named Jesus probably existed. I also don't have any problem saying that there is compelling evidence that the Jesus of the Bible is an amalgam of Sun Worship, the Cult of Mithros/Mithra, and other "mystery religions", and that the significance of the 12 Apostles is closely tied into Astrology and the movement of the sun through the 12 houses.

  5. Yep, faith is the only evidence that I will ever have that I will one day be a millionaire. I wonder sometimes if maybe my faith isn't misplaced. I'm beginning to have doubts...

    I wonder why humans only wish for selfish things like living forever, ruling nations, being rich and walking streets of gold?

  6. Douglas Becker said...

    Sorry, but faith is the only evidence you will ever have.

    Not true, you can die, get a taste of what comes after, and get sent back. Then you no longer depend on faith (which is confidence based on hearsay). You simply know.

    The problem is that those with faith and those with of the atheism faith, will never believe you.

    Neither is exactly an open minded bunch.

  7. Neither is exactly an open minded bunch.


    Give references to any non-anecdotal, Empirical Evidence that life after death experiences are anything more than lucid dreaming and you'll have quite a few skeptics that are interested in taking a deeper look.