Saturday, 25 June 2011

A 13 year old deals to Harold Camping

There it is, in the pages of the venerable Otago Daily Times no less.  A 13 year old high school student puts Harold Camping in his place.  Kind of makes you optimistic about the up 'n coming generation...


  1. Am I reading this teenager correctly -- is he saying Jesus expected the Father to come down and rescue Him from the cross?

    If that's what the author meant, I think he still has some Biblical understanding to learn. (As do we all, of course.)

  2. " he saying Jesus expected the Father to come down and rescue Him from the cross?"

    You'd be surprised. I've seen a similar theory floated by atheists, Gnostics, gnostics, non-theists (not the same thing as atheists -- they're kinda Deists without the De- part), and even "liberal Christians."

    Their (flawed) logic for it appears to be a prooftext of Matt 27:46 but oddly enough, none of these theorists mention Ps. 22:1 which foreshadows the passage in question. Context, as always, makes short work of such theories.

    Besides, there are differing versions as to what Christ said/didn't say/did/didn't do during His crucifixion, anyway; not that Christ's death should be a Christian's focus in any way at all, but I suspect, Richard, you know that already....

    The fact that the texts have been altered with later additions to emphasize the crucifixion narrative and de-emphasize the actual teachings of Christ and His bringing to mankind the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, is only more proof of how the Constantinian Shift almost irrevocably tried to destroy the actual meaning of the texts, in order to turn the early Christian Church into a pagan death-cult.