Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween horrors

Halloween is the event that some Christians embrace as All Hallows Eve, and yet is demonised (quite literally) by others.  Keith Stump, a former staff writer for The Plain Truth, attempts to dispel the haze over on Gary Leonard's blog in an article called Halloween Hysteria.  While it's aimed at the ex-Church of God demographic, anyone who has wondered whether it's a bad thing to be involved in may find it quite relevant.


  1. It's when departed souls can communicate with the living in a paganistic sort of way, which includes incantations and play-acting. All very Christian...

  2. Christians have tried numerous approaches in dealing with Halloween. Passing out little Bibles in lieu of candy was popular a few years ago. And then, there were the chambers or tunnels of horror with such things as abortion or hellfire depicted. Bottom line is that at best, it seems to be a holiday celebrating the dark side.

    But, nothing would be more terrifying than someone donning an HWA mask and going door to door to pass out reprints of "1975 in Prophecy". Actually, it's surprising that Armstrongites don't co-opt Halloween as their own equivalent of Jehovah witnessing.


  3. Jehovah's witnesses don't like Halloween at all, turns out they don't like random strangers knocking on their doors either.