Tuesday, 2 October 2012

An Untamed God

When one considers that Jesus had very little to say about sexuality, and a great deal to say about money and possessions, it may be argued with some validity that the contemporary church has lost sight of Jesus and is following some other agenda.  The man from Nazareth had strong opinions about family and the place of it in the scheme of things; most of this teaching being antithetical to current Christian viewpoints...  Present-day followers are like a man who found a treasure in a field, and went home to sit in comfort and talk about it...

The God who is represented as winking at materialism and promoting middle-class values is not the God of Jesus Christ.

Mike Riddell, Threshold of the Future, SPCK, 1998, p. 154.

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  1. Idolatry is all about setting up a priesthood that benefits from the worship of a false god.

    Modern Chi$tianity has adapted itself to the commercial world, addicted as it is to mammon, and promotes the illusion that it supports the opinions of those it would attract as its constituents.

    Neither Jesus, nor a real God, if there is one, need to apply, for they no longer fit into the social order as relevant to the greed profit motive of sincere appearing psychopaths intent on manipulating people for their own hidden and selfish agendas.

    Why sit at home to sit in comfort and talk about a treasure you found for free in a field when you can create psychotic delusions of grandeur for emotionally starved imbecile simpletons willing to throw good money after bad to buy you the treasures you promise them that they never quite achieve?