Friday, 19 October 2012

Surface - the Anointed Tablet

Bleatings brethren, er, I mean greetings brethren.  Yes, I know many of you have been wondering - even losing sleep - over the battle of the tablets.  Should you dig down into the Apple barrel, or take the Android approach.

But wait, here comes Microsoft, and oh my, just take a gawk at the following bit of PR fluff.

No, no, eyes off the tablet!  Look at the Holy Backdrop!

Now brethren, just where was this promo filmed?  And did you help pay for it through your generous tithes and offerings in a past lifetime?

For the uninitiated, the ad was filmed on the grounds of the former world headquarters of the Worldwide Church of God in Pasadena, CA.  Is it my imagination, or have they slapped a coat of paint on those egrets in the paddling pool? 

Nod of the noggin to Gary Leonard.


  1. Just no appreciation of art is what the painting of the egrets show. Maybe someone should just paint over the natural wood-grain of antique furniture with green enamel...oh yeah, that's been done...and nothing, nothing, is more beautiful than gangland graffiti on scenic, natural landscape structures.

  2. What do you mean, Corky. White is the color of holiness! All the saints will be pure and spotless and dressed in white when Christ returns!

    1. Is that spirit raiment or physical raiment? I know the "fine linen" worn by the ghost people in the wholly babble is physical because, well, linen is made by humans out of physical stuff of the earth. I don't know why spirits would need clothes, especially physical linen clothes.

  3. The whole site is an architectural triumph.
    Can't see fountain birds as no contrast with white water,
    as compared to original green bronze patina.
    Sculpture already destroyed by govt ordered earthquake
    support columns

  4. One would hope the Microsoft Surface is more successful than the WCG AC Campus.

    Windows 8 looks great and it's just a few days away....

  5. our tithes and offerings were wasted on more things than this. We need to reflect on what good we did and where we are now. We need more forward and not look backward. It is just a building.