Sunday 24 February 2013

The Missing Links

As a mere strip of a lad, I remember asking our family pastor, Byron Klein of Hamilton's St Matthew Lutheran, what to make of this evolution thing.  Byron, who was a thoroughly decent and sincere bloke, paused for a moment then responded: "well, I take some comfort from knowing that so far science hasn't been able to track down any 'missing link'."

Or words to that effect.

It was perhaps an acceptable evasion back then, especially to an irritating know-nothing kid.  But today it'd be a bit threadbare. The February 16 issue of New Scientist has a cover feature entitled Missing Links: Evolution's Biggest Gaps and How We're Closing Them.

Not that the staff writers at The Good News are likely to pay much attention.  But intelligent lay people - both in the worlds of science and religion - definitely should.  The world is far too interesting a place to wallow, eyes tightly shut, in the slime pits of creationism.


  1. the impossible problems that evolutionists can't over come are: 1. they can't verify one claim they make; 2. they cannot observe one claim they make; 3. they can't replicate one claim they make

    then they cannot produce the common ancestor nor solve the three problems above with their claim; they cannot produce the original conditions nor solve the 3 problems above with their claims

    and on it goes. evolution fails at every level but evolutionists still brainwash, con and hoodwink others into believing their theory is true. it isn't

    1. Brilliant logic, considering it comes from someone who doesn't understand how capital letters work.

    2. Evolution is an established fact and is the foundation of the science of biology. It enabled all the successes of modern medical science. Without it we would still be dying in droves from diseases such as polio, diptheria, smallpox and dozens of others.

      There are at least three ways to document that evolution is a fact. First, scientists observe it happening every day. Not in humans, because our lifespans are too long. But in fruit flies, which have lifespans of only a few hours, scientists can watch changes over hundreds of generations. Also in microscopic organisms, bacteria and viruses. One example that is familiar to us all is the annual flu shot - scientists need to change it every year because the flu virus changes every year.

      Second, the fossil record. For many animals and plants, especially shellfish and other creatures whose remains do not decay as with mammals, a clear lineage has been established over literally millions of years. Even with many mammals, the lineages are clear and irrefutable.

      Third, the DNA record. Through mitochondrial DNA the evolution of species can be clearly traced.

      Problems? Evolutionists may have problems, but they're a matter of HOW evolution progressed, not WHETHER it happened. I suggest you pursue true understanding by reading less iron-age mythology and more modern-day science.

    3. And parlays the same ignorant nonsense creationists have been parroting for over a century now, quoting each other as their their esteemed authorities.

    4. Well, there are definitely people who believe in talking snakes and donkeys, magic fruit, resurrected zombies and ten headed dragons, demons, angels, heaven, hell and a god who finds car parts and truck keys but think science is bullshit. I usually do my best to pity them but most of the time I laugh...