Saturday 27 July 2013

Back into it

Postings here in recent weeks have been few and far between. That's partly due to Winter vicissitudes, some mind-numbing work commitments, and a feeling - especially in terms of certain past religious affiliations - of "I'm just so over that!"

So, having taken an extensive blog-break, with the exception of a hiccup here and there, maybe it's time to attempt a reboot and see where things go. To be honest, I'm not sure how much fuel is left in the tank. I guess that'll become obvious in due course. But for now at least I'm not quite ready to fold up the tents and shuffle off.


  1. I've gotten the same feeling recently. There's just not much gas left in the tank. The WCG breakup was 18 years ago. Most of us have gotten over it and have become re-grounded.

    In my case, I'm completely convinced that the so-called scriptures were not inspired by any superior being. Quite the contrary. It's also quite obvious to me that no supreme being is currently taking an active hand in events here on this earth and there are no invisible spiritual beings floating around controlling things either.

    So, why care about what these various theologians and other "experts" opine on these matters? It seems to me they're all just making it up as they go along.

    1. Making it up as they go along is exactly what they ARE doing. It's what they have always done from the very beginning of religion. What we see is the (so far) end product of the accumulated nonsense that has been invented by the shaman/priestly minds over the two hundred thousand years of human existence. Of course, all the different parts of it were assimilated and folded in from different cultures over the course of time as those cultures and nations fell and others arose. Looking back into the dim past is pretty easy, actually, just look at how the American Indian tribes believed and lived when the Europeans showed up - they were representative of everybody living 15 - 20 thousand years ago.