Monday, 16 February 2015

David C. Pack - a new low point?

The Whitened Sepulchre - RCG 'Hall of Administration' in Wadsworth, Ohio
Which is the most dangerous of the Armstrong splinters? A nomination for Dave Pack's RCG (Restored Church of God) cult.

And cult it is. The cult of Dave. Here's what a long-time RCG-watcher recently wrote.
... he's really gone off the deep end. His new three-part sermon, which I'm listening to now, is INSANE. He's declared HWA was NOT Elijah but instead Moses, because he is Elijah. And then here's the kicker at the end of part one, which he claims is a truth God has restored through him: "If you were called by God, and you are to participate in his ways, you have to turn over your assets to God's church."
And I wonder what kind of people sit still for this kind of blatant manipulation. In comparison Rod Meredith looks like Mother Teresa (now there's a scary image).

In all the years I've followed the shenanigans of the various splinters, few of the pretenders have been as universally disliked as Pack. Why would anyone - other than compulsive spiritual masochists - follow this pompous, tin-plated führer-figure?

Meanwhile Gary Leonard is reporting that the RCG has spawned a new splinter of its own, the Abiding Church of God, based in Atlanta (presumably the RCG congregation there gone rogue). Notice the highly original seal design!


  1. No, Davey Pack's Restored Church of God is not the most dangerous among the Armstrongist splinters.

    There are a number of other candidates far worse.

    The first for consideration is a cult based in a Post Office Box in a country near you -- not that near, since the two countries are separated by ocean -- and that's a good thing; let's just say that the eschatology involves Christian Isam and you could be sued for being snarky enough to even mention it or its leader by name. No, the lawsuit is frivolous, so it would be thrown out of court, but you'd be bankrupted defending yourself, so you just capitulate and slink away and the cultmeister comes out a winner. It's not a clear victory, since the bulk of the members left in 2005 and formed their own church without him, taking substantial revenues with them. What's a cult leader to do with all that disloyalty out there?

    The other great candidate to take first prize at being the most dangerous is, of course, the House of Yahweh created by Yisrael Hawkins, who has had run ins with the law and his top minister sent to prison to serve for various heinous crimes. This is a strong candidate because the whole thing is exposed from time to time on Dr. Phil.

    And if you are really looking for dangerous, the 10 year anniversary of the LCG shooting is coming up.

    Not sure why Davey is considered most dangerous.

    Can anyone give an answer compared to the other examples above? When we hear of murders, violation of child labor laws and pedophilia, give us a call.

    As for the "Abiding Church of God", I'd say they'd better not take any bets on living up to their name.

    Just sayin'.

  2. They're all a bunch of nitwits, in my most humble opinion. People still believing in British Israelism after it has been proved to be false and other ridiculous things like, for example, "Church of God", as if a god couldn't tell who Christians were without that particular name...just nitwits.

  3. This was all perfectly predictable. People tend to lose patience when prophecies are 40 years overdue, and the supposed identities of the groups included in the prophecies are now known to be false. How do you shake people from the doldrums and lethargy caused by truth? Dispense a different kind of lie. Don't just tell them that Jesus is going to return next year, everyone else has already done that! Nope, tell them you are Elijah! Not as in "type" ala HWA! Nope, the real deal this time.

  4. Oh, you know how all this stuff works: Well, the Passover's coming up, so on that night, he takes it and all will be forgiven, there will be no repercussions and he'll be good for another year.

  5. The "church" has been getting away with "Jesus is coming soon" for 2,000 years - it doesn't change, Jesus doesn't come, and things continue on as if the whole thing was just a made up prophecy that failed. Hey, wait...maybe it is...duh!

    1. But didn't Jesus in the bible claim that at least much would happen, and many folks would say, "The Lord delays his coming" and such? Why disregard at least that much consideration about "things continue on"? I'm not claiming who's all true or who's all false here. Just saying, seems to me you're doing just what even Jesus claimed many would say.

  6. " If you were called by God, and you are to participate in his ways, you have to turn over your assets to Gods Church. "
    " Help Me." replied John R. Smith

  7. Nothing can surprise us any more. David Pack is so far-out it's unbelievable that people can't see it. Yet, even worse, we know how blinded one can be while in the midst of Armstrongism. It takes some time out of the bunch before clear thinking is achieved. Tragic in one sense, but time heals all wounds, and you can return to clear vision. :-)

  8. My wife to be is a member of rcg.she is at their feast of tabernacle in arkansas. Today she calls me crying that some of the things they are preaching seam odd and even disturbing. I have listened to her explain her church and often joked about them being a cult. I felt i was hurting her feelings. But today as she cryed to me she exlained she had googled the church and came upon several site like this. She fears it is true and she is scared and must endure this for a few more days before she can get home. I feel terrible for her but i havent been there 1st hand.the more i read i pray to the god of love to bring her home safe. Please pray with me

  9. I watched his youtube videos on "20 verses ignored by Christianity." In my opinion there was abject error, and this guy seems to be a pinched, legalistic neopharisee. For example he stated that since one must be born in spirit that no one alive can be reborn because they are "flesh and blood", i.e. material or physical. He either deliberately or ignorantly assumes and portrays that there is no spiritual aspect of a person. This is only one of the plethora of errors and poor exegesis. He conveys many warnings about other's doctrines and beliefs, which, ironically, seem to apply most aptly to him. Be more than very careful with this person.

  10. How do I stop my ex husband who a member of this rich from getting to my12 yr old? It's already starting.

  11. To anyone who is in or considering going to Dave Packs The Restored Church Of God you need to watch these
    videos which take his own words and show the world the FALSE PROPHET HE IS. Please share and get the word out!

    To anyone who is in or considering going to Dave Packs The Restored Church Of God you need to watch these videos which take his own words and show the world the FALSE PROPHET HE IS. Please share and get the word out!

  13. Can I please have a link to this 3 part sermon?

  14. So I just read The True Jesus and it was shocking all this slander and nobody mentions anything about what he proved through scriptures I grew up in churches and for a fact no preacher ever said the words the gospel of the Kingdom of God even though Jesus repeatedly called it that and talks about it incessantly they say the gospel of Grace they don't mention it because they didn't want to explain it WHY wasn't I taught it or it's meaning I don't care who the he'll this guy is but he has nailed through overwhelming evidence the lies we are taught many more examples and not a single review talks about it I'm not believing him or you I'm gonna believe Jesus from now on and he doesn't sound crazy he only talks with evidence and it's disgusting that nobody is arguing what he is saying with their scriptures to back them up