Saturday, 7 February 2015

Old Scratch

Paul Davidson has a devilishly well researched article up on his blog about the Prince of Darkness, a.k.a. Satan.
Most Christians assume that the qualities commonly attributed to Satan are derived from clear and straightforward readings of the Bible, but are they really?
If you ever wondered about Lucifer, and whether he emerged fully formed from the great prehistoric angelic rebellion that John Milton waxed so eloquently about in Paradise Lost, or whether the concept evolved somewhat more slowly inside human heads down the benighted millennia, this is a great introduction.

(I vividly remember a certain evangelist - let's just say his initials were GTA - claiming that our expanding universe with its galaxies flying apart was a direct consequence of the 'war in heaven'. Apparently God hasn't seen fit to send in the angelic engineering corps to fix the damage yet.)


  1. Dare I say... The Devil made him do it!?

  2. What if satan is not a proper noun and it only means "an adversary" or "the adversary"? Whooo weee, and what if "Lucifer" only means light bringer and refers to the planet Venus - the morning star? And, that "perfect beauty" thing...that book also says "thy builders have perfected thy beauty"...maybe read the context sometime.

  3. Please do not mess with Satan the Devil.
    (Lest the intriguing and intricate definitions become befuddled.)

    Heck, everyone needs a Satan to hate and to be against and above, without a confusion factor being thrown into the mix.