Friday 20 December 2013

The Historical Jesus - a discussion

Spotted on Jim West's blog. It's almost two hours long... but if you're interested in who the historical Jesus might really have been - or whether there even was such a guy - this might be of interest. Four speakers on stage at the University of Michigan - Dearborn include Gabriele Boccaccini (with cool Italian accent), Saeed Ahmed Khan (with an Islamic perspective), Charles Mabee (with a more traditional faith-based view) and Bob Price... Of course the speakers are scholars and not carefully coiffed, air-headed motivational apologists, so don't expect things to be dummied down.

I found Mabee to be of least value as he politely rambled on, but maybe that's my subjective bias showing through. Even though Boccaccini whacks Bob Price around his whiskery chops (metaphorically!), Bob is the most interesting and provocative on the panel.

If you want to avoid the moderator's intro, begin around 8.30.

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  1. Price causes a stir with his mythicism. At Question Time, Black Christian lady in audience is offended by what appears to be her first exposure to the Christ Myth Theory from the man "who looks like Santa Claus".

    Eisenman claims he can flesh out the historical Jesus, "the (older) brother of James". If anyone can, he can; that's why I'm excited to be studying his thesis.