Sunday 29 December 2013

Berliner Rundfunk 91.4

Something a bit different. This German station makes no. 3 on my Summer listening list. The spoken component on this 70s/80s FM broadcaster is, as you'd expect, Deutsch. But that's no great worry - even to someone with only a smattering of Hogan's Heroes German - because close to 100% of the music played is in English. Go figure.

To sample the fare, you can access the website direct (click on livestream at the top right), through Tune In, or through an Apple or Android app.


  1. The German stations have good musical programming, sometimes I scan this list stations: The highest fidelity stations being "Radio 700, Euskirchen (Oldies/schlager) and SunshineLive, Schwetzingen both 160kbps. Also, their DJs mix English & German - English making significant inroads into their culture, unlike French stations which, by law, avoid English.

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