Friday, 13 November 2015

Selling off Ted - COGabilia auction

Out in East Texas y'all can pick up some Garner Ted memorabilia tomorrow. Down at the Cherokee County Showbarn estate items are being auctioned off, "rain or shine". Portraits of Ted and Loma, a tiger skin rug (complete with tiger head - presumably bagged by the great white hunter himself), antique rifles, zulu shield, a really ugly clock, a really ugly rooster (I'm exercising some painful self restraint in choosing that particular noun), gym equipment, more rifles, a rifle cabinet... gives a whole new meaning to "bang for your buck".

But before y'all get too excited, the auction is on a Saturday. This Saturday... the Sabbath. Guess that means nobody from the alphabet soup sects will be able to turn up on pain of losing their salvation, and it'll be pagan Sunday-keepers and NRA members who'll walk off with the holy objets d'art.

What would Garner Ted Armstrong himself have made of it all?

However, you can give the goodies a once-over online anyway.

Thanks to Reg for the link.


  1. I wonder if Gerald FLurry will have someone there to see if there are any relics of HWA to be purchased and then displayed somewhere at PCG.

  2. Interesting, although I really don't see anything there that I would like to bid on. I had no idea how successful a hunter he apparently was, and it appears that he did at least some of his own reloading. Unlike his father, he appears to have had the common man's tastes, but the wherewithal to pursue his hobbies to a degree that most of us would certainly be unable. But, alas, no antique cars or vintage motorcycles, so believe I'll have to pass.


  3. As a Liberal in the 70s, GT flirted with abandoning B.I. dogma. But when he achieved autonomy (by being fired) he maintained belief in daddy's B.I. heresy, proving he wasn't the "widely-read"(?) "world wise intellectual" he was touted to be.