Saturday, 16 July 2011

Who's responsible for this?

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Don't you just love new Bible resources?  I mean, take this excerpt from a brand new volume on the Book of Books.  Here we are reassured that Moses wrote the Pentateuch, and very comforting it is too.  Note the accurate Caucasian features of our first parents; so much for "out of Africa"!

So, who is responsible for this gem of scholarship?  Place your bets!

(1) The Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses)
(2) A Seventh-day Adventist publishing house
(3) The Missouri Synod Lutherans
(4) Thomas Nelson
(5) Zondervan (owned by the pious and saintly Rupert Murdoch)
(6) Plain Truth Ministries
(7) Family Radio (Harold Camping)


  1. I'm happy to say none of the Bibles I own even entertain the notion that Moses was the author in their introductions and notes.

  2. This looks so Watchtower-y. I say #1.

  3. Ever wonder why the people who were reputed to have built the biggest wooden ship ever and the great pyramids in Egypt weren't smart enough to write God's words on stone?

    See all that Egyptian writing, chiseled in stone, all around the ancient cities of Egypt? Wasn't Moses raised an Egyptian and would know all about that stuff?

    Even God was smart enough to write the 10 commandments on stone, so it wasn't something new, was it? Gee, I wonder where those stone tablets, written by the hand of God are today?

    Just figuring that Moses, in all the 40 years of wandering around in the desert without writing material, should have thought of writing on stone. Yeah, because something important, like speeches from God, would be worth the effort. Maybe? Just a little bit? And look, he had the famous stone-cutter, Joshua, with him, right? So how hard could it be? And, it's not like he didn't have plenty of time...

    Unless...unless, none of this stuff was invented until the infamous Babylonian exile of the Jewish religious fanatics. You know the guys, the ones who blamed the exile on the sins of the other Israelis who weren't fanatical worshipers of Yahweh. The ones who always wanted to kill their neighbors for not believing as they did.

    And, Lo and behold, all the original (and pagan) stories of Genesis were found by archeologists in the very countries where the exiles lived, moved and had their being, imagine that.

  4. I'm definitely going with the Watchtower, per Richard's comment, the visual appearance of the clip. Though the rhetorical device, "So how does Moses know what to write?," followed by suppositions which only support their initial, unsupported reasoning, sounds very Answers in Genesis to me, it must just be common to this type of apologetics. :^)

  5. Yep, I thought it looked very "watchtowerish" too, but... It comes from the new "Concordia's Complete Bible Handbook for Students". Concordia is the Missouri Synod Lutheran publishing house. Makes you wonder whether its even possible not to call these folk sectarian fundamentalists.