Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Who's been a busy boy?

Just when you thought "Packatollah Dave" had deservedly disappeared off the radar screen completely... Seems he's been strutting his stuff in Jerusalem.

Big Dave's "VIP welcome in Jerusalem included a private tour of the Knesset arranged by his host, M.K. Dr. Einat Wilf, a member of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense, Education and House committees. The two then met for an in-depth discussion of conditions in the Middle East and surrounding regions."

Wilf is obviously dosing up on the "stupid pills" which Stan Rader famously denied ingesting on 60 Minutes circa 1980. Much good may it do him and other doofuses in Israel who are pandering to the delusions of the self-proclaimed apostle.


  1. Any read on how much this cost Pack's followers?

    It couldn't be free goodwill.

    At least one wouldn't think so.

    [Now, readjust your RADAR: Pack has just dropped off it again.]

  2. There's been all kinds of apostles in the world since the time of Jesus. Thousands of them, probably, even though there are only twelve mentioned in the New Testament.

    The "authority" of speaking for God must weigh heavily on their shoulders or the weight of all that gold - one or the other...I'm thinking it's the gold, because I've never heard of any of these guys doing "the work" for free.

  3. Knowing Dave and knowing how well he knew HWA or claims to have, he probably is following the tried and true method of giving these people some money for their support and an "audience." HWA paid to be seen with the Royal Family. Well, I mean we paid for him to be seen with the royals.

    M.T. Coffers

  4. So did Mr. Pack preach the gospel to Ms. Wilf? After all, that's what he's supposed to do -- just as the apostle Paul did late in the book of Acts.

    Further: did he tell Ms. Wilf to repent of her sins? Such as her marriage to a non-Jew, which "THE" RCG certainly would not tolerate of its membership?