Saturday 25 February 2012

What does this mean?

All beard, no balls?
"...God in His gracious wisdom has chosen to have Himself addressed in gender specific terms all the while reminding us that this does not presume all the freight of human anatomy -- except with respect to the Incarnation."  Source.

From this we can know that...

1.  Yahweh doesn't have a penis, but is still a bloke.
2.  Jesus was God and had a penis while doing a convincing impression of a regular bloke.
3.  God is a wannabe bloke with penis envy.
4.  Sheilas are beside the point.
5.  Asherah?  Waddaya mean Mrs Yahweh!?
6.  This quote comes from a bloke who wears a dress on Sunday.
7.  All of the above.

If you haven't already guessed, the writer is moaning, whining and whinging about the use of gender inclusive language in church (not his own church of course, oh heavens no.)  He doesn't say what his wife thinks, but I think it's pretty likely the dear lady is expected to joyfully embrace Kinder, Küche and Kirche.


  1. For those who may not have seen it before:

    Gender Communications Differences.

    It may explain what you are reaching for.

    Or not.

  2. 7. All of the above.

    "God" has not chosen to have himself/herself/itself addressed in gender specific terms - the men who invented Yahweh pictured Yahweh in their mind's eye as a man and humans have created "him" in our image.

    The only question left open in the bible about God's appearance is, was he circumcised?