Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hearken unto Warren

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The Lord continues to speak through his prophets.  And as we all know, true prophets are invariably persecuted.  Warren Jeffs, polygamist chief honcho of the Fundamentalist LDS church, has been blessed with a revelation he wants to share with the world.

That's pretty darn altruistic of him, considering he's currently doing time for sexual assault.  Mind you, according to the New Testament Paul did time as well, though there's no indication he had this particular prophet's tastes in underage girls.

So what has the Lord been confiding in Warren?  "Repent ye; now be of full humbling."  Humbling, not humbug.  Verily verily indeed!  And, big surprise, Jesus reveals "My Soon Coming."  Whoa! (or maybe Woe!)

The photograph has the full text, diseminated via newspaper ads, and delivered in typical "Mormonspeak."

Now, aren't you glad you know?


  1. speaking of prophets, this "prophet" is now a king...seems to me I remember him saying that he would conquer NZ with one of your homegrown you better be on guard down there ;-),AAAAAFAsZ1c~,8MkVRvW0DmauKT3uAriKKf2yHzTPz5MP&bclid=1717763711&bctid=1429740655001

  2. Gotta love those Mormons, always having "revelations", it's a wonder that they don't write a book...

    The story goes that American Indians are descendants of a boat load of Israelites. Of course, DNA shows that they are of Asian descent but that doesn't faze the Mormon's faith. Oh no, and it's because they have all the answers, and isn't that what's important to religious nut jobs?

    Ole Warren, of course, is a child rapist - like so many other good, Christian, law-abiding LDS folks are, but at least those children are consecrated - right?

    Even though the Mormons own a whole state in the dis-United States and bus Mormons to other states to vote on gay rights...that's not voter fraud, that's exercising their religious rights...right?

    Even though the Mormons are dead set against gay marriage, they see nothing wrong in 40 year old men marrying 10 or 11 year old girls - as many as they can afford, that is.

    Heck, I bet you thought polygamy was against the law in the US, didn't you? But, cheer up, Mitt Romney may get to be President of the US and you can bet he'll be wearing his magic underwear for protection.