Friday 10 February 2012

Mormon Growth Dives

That great conservative prophet of sociology Rodney Stark got it wrong.  The Mormons are not about to rise to demographic dominion in the United States any time soon.

Some years ago there was a dire prediction that before too much longer the US would be carved up between the Mormons and the Southern Baptists.  It was a stupid assertion, but, let's face it, very scary.  Now, it seems, we can relax.

Mormon growth has stalled, and is just managing to keep up with general population growth.  This amazing, monolithic faith, governed by a gerontocracy of businessmen rather than preachers or scholars, has apparently peaked.

From the ancient but fictive city of Zarahemla, to the end-game where the distinctive Latter Day gospel bears fruit in all the world:  reality is knock, knock, knocking on Zion's door.


  1. A fascinating modern trend, these are very different times

  2. The 21st century democratization of access to scholarly higher criticism is devastating to this 19th century cult provoking revolt amongst the peasants and mocking on animated television show and even Broadway play.