Friday 15 June 2012

Just What Do You Mean...?

Back in my salad days I collected a series of booklets entitled "Just What Do You Mean...?"  Each focussed on a term much used in the world of churchianity, such as "Just What Do You Mean - Salvation?" and "Just What Do You Mean - Born Again?"

As I said, those were my salad days.  The answers all came proof texted, and therefore I took them quite seriously at the time.  Another case of "live and learn."

Anyway, beginning shortly, I want to do an Otagosh series inspired by those  worthy tomes (or better, "worthless tomelets"?) of old.

Just What Do You Mean - Christian?
Just What Do You Mean - Protestant?
Just What Do You Mean - Reformed?

Unlike the blue-covered booklets, there'll be few if any proof texts, and more questions than answers, as I'm convinced all three terms are problematic.

In the meantime, how would you define any or all of the above labels?


  1. I asked Dr. Hoeh once, "Just what do you mean, Dr. Hoeh?" :)

  2. I grew up Presbyterian and I'm sensing you are headed in the direction of the old tombstone poem (on the topic of Christianity, not taking a dirt nap.)

    "As you are, so once I was....
    As I am, you soon shall be..."

  3. Just What Do You Mean - Christian?
    The people who believe the same things you do about Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost.

    Just What Do You Mean - Protestant?
    The people who believe that the people who have always been in charge shouldn't be.

    Just What Do You Mean - Reformed?
    The people who believe no one is in charge.