Thursday 14 June 2012

Time for a quick Praise Chorus?

What kind of deity is it that would be capable of creating angels and men to sing his praises day and night to all eternity?  It is, of course, the figure of the Oriental despot, with his inane and barbaric vanity.  Such a conception is an insult to God.

Alfred North Whitehead


  1. The "Eternal North Korea", as Christopher Hitchens described it. :)

  2. I dunno, if you had designed and created absolutely everything and did a pretty darn good job of it all, wouldn't you like to get a bit of honor for it from those you had created and given free will?

    Would it be too much to ask?

    Don't answer.

    We already know the answer is "yes".

    1. If I had the power to create living creatures that were far beneath my level - say, ants, for instance - would I really have any desire to have those ants sing praises to me? I think not.