Saturday, 23 June 2012

Ronnie Makes the Big Time

After all this time Ronald Weinland has hit the big time.  Yes,  finally people are paying much-deserved attention to the man who claims to be God's prophet and one of the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation.  Behold, the Lord has opened doors for Ron which no man - especially Ron himself, can shut.  The Final End-Time Prophet has broken through into the mainstream media at last.

But not, one suspects for the reasons Ronnie hoped.  You see, poor Ron has been through taxing times...

Learn about this spiritual titan and giant of End-Time righteousness courtesy of the Huffington Post, or, if Forbes magazine is more to your taste, here.

Kudos to Gary, who has been keeping the information flowing on the Banned by HWA blog. 


  1. Satan used this man to try to discredit GOD's TRUE CHURCH.

  2. Amazing, isn't it? The followers of this nut believe that they are going to rule the world with Jesus - as kings and priests! Try to imagine that for a minute...but not too long, otherwise you may get the idea that these people are crazy. The thing is - they are!

    It's the same crazy that burned people at the stake and flew airplanes into buildings - it's religion. You don't have to be crazy to believe crazy things but you will be crazy if you do. It's a funny thing (not ha-ha funny) but the longer a person believes crazy things, the crazier they get - until, at last, they cannot even function without their crazy and they can no longer think for themselves.

    That's where the religious con-men come into the picture to take advantage of people's craziness and get rich off of it. Because, you see, everybody in the world is not under that ancient spell called religion - but, they have found uses for it...

  3. And we suppose that in September you will be able to post, "Ronnie Makes the Big House".

  4. Certain sins are completely unacknowledged in the world of the ACOGs. These leaders will never repent of any sin they learned from HWA, regardless of secular law or very convincing mainstream ethics.

    This is an aside, but has anyone ever heard of anyone being disfellowshipped and marked from the pulpit for going too far and being physically abusive in administering corporal punishment to their children?


    1. Not only physical abuse but mental abuse too. Children being taught that the world is coming to an end - and this is going to happen before they even have a chance to grow up, get married, have children or go to college or anything. Horrific images planted in their impressionable minds that give them nightmares and fill their lives with dread and fear.

      No, no one was ever marked and disfellowshipped for either of these abuses. That's because they don't care about that, all they care about is scaring the adults out of their money. If this scares the children out of their minds, that's just collateral damage.

  5. You got to love this guy! It is his believers you've got to distain!

  6. Speaking of Weinland and fear, some might appreciate this on PTSD.