Monday, 30 July 2012

New Journal released

It's that time of month again, and a new Journal, the essential news source for members of the post-Armstrong diaspora, is en route to subscribers in the shattered alternate worlds of COGdom.  Once again editor Dixon Cartwright has made the entire issue available to download in PDF format.

I don't even want to mention the interview with the journo from the vile, reptilian Wing Nut Daily... so let's just pass that one by.  Elsewhere the controversy rages over the role of women in the Churches of God.  Tina Englebart responds to her critics, New Zealander Max McFeat, retreaded Canadian GCI member Velvet Delorey, and Lawrence Mumme of Tucson in an article that's a pleasure to read.  Sir Anthony Buzzard has an article headlined "Disdain for Real Scholarship Dooms COGs."  Prophetic words, but sadly his comments on the canon which follow just don't, in my opinion, add up.  It's never good enough to say something must be true because it, um, must be true.

And yes, there are more of those incredible ads!  Brian Convery takes up no less than nine (I counted twice) full tabloid pages in one text-dense advertorial cleverly entitled "The Bride of Christ vs. The Pride of Life."  Read it all and you can probably apply for a medal.

There's also a comprehensive list of the 2012 Feast of Tabernacles sites for the various COGlets.  Here in New Zealand the LCG is gathering in the Bay of Islands, the UCG in Kerikeri, the RCG (Packites) in Taupo, as is CGWA.  Not mentioned is the WCG (yes, here at the bottom of the Pacific the much depleted Tkach franchise is still using the old name and holding a watered down version of the festival) which will be congregating in Rotorua.


  1. Well, I see that there is this "atheist conspiracy" that wants to rid the world of God...

    Uh, no, not really. Mostly, atheists just want God believers to quit trying to shove that crap down their throats and accusing them of being stupid, crazy and untrustworthy because of not believing in an idiotic nonsensical world of ghosts.

    How is it crazy or stupid for not believing in ghosts and sons of ghosts? And, these ghosts give orders...but, those orders are through men, always through men.

    So, are atheists "angry"? If not, they should be because they have reason to be.

  2. Corky,

    What if God is or had been a part of a country's national culture? It seems to me (my own perspective, of course) that that was uncontested up until the Supreme Court case (Madeline Murray) which elliminated Bible reading and the reciting of the Lord's prayer from our morning routines in the public schools which I attended.

    I can tell you that there is a subset of mainstream Christians who are very concerned that crosses, other symbols, and references to God on monuments are rapidly being eradicated, even as we watch Muslim immigrants being provided with prayer and footwashing areas in the public schools to indulge in privileges which Christian kids no longer have. The term "post Christian era" has been coined to partially explain what is going on around us, but it's difficult for believers to see the changes as being a positive. Those "ghosts" as you call them had some really great values and ethics which many see as having been responsible for the greatness and goodness of some very notable nations. It'd be nice if such "ghosts" had influence in some of the non-Magna Carta type nations. I worry about what will happen when these values and ethics have been replaced!


  3. Those full page rants are Crazy-man-Crazy!
    as more rabid fanatics pile on buying massive advertising space
    ..creating a business-model that now allows free distribution?
    (higher circulation numbers feed back to improved advertising rates)

  4. Many countries have already entered the "post christian era". Countries like England, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Looking at the example of these countries, I can tell you that we in the U.S. needn't worry. These countries rate higher than the U.S. on almost all of the "quality of life" measures.

  5. Whaid Rose on the first page for the Church of God, Seventh Day? Armstrongists would do well to pay attention. The new book(let) What We Believe shows very little real differences (except for the utterly nuts British Israelism, which has been sensibly rejected by CoG7D and pretty much all the other Sabbath keeping groups).

    The Feast section is smaller than ever. It's clear some groups aren't reporting, but there very likely is a deterioration in Feast attendence, as more and more people realize that there is no such thing as three tithes... or two... and tithing on wages is not Scriptural. Just how do people cope when it gets so nuts financially?

    And finally, with so many nutjobs, narcissists, sociopaths and the occasional psychopath both writing and advertising in The Journal, is there anyone left who takes it seriously? It should have the same consideration as Gambling: It's for entertainment. Considering the recent scams within Armstrongism, people should be watching their money more carefully than ever and really watch it when ACoG ministers are anywhere near.

    Whose in your wallet?

  6. Atheists don't have a gospel to shove down anyone's throat...neither do agnostics...because we just don't know.

    However, I'm sick of all of ya...freedom "from" religion is my rant. I don't care what you do...have your religion and be grateful you live in the countries that allow the celebration of freedom of religion, but why cram it down everyone's throat? Sounds like bad religion and very un-Jesus/Mohammed/Mose-like...don't ya think?

    I'm taking the route lesser traveled...if people want to know why my life is so clear? It's because i golf, i read, i write...I don't have to advertise my chosen faith all over the planet...I'd rather see a sermon than hear one.

    COGers had it rough...enjoy freedom...and get over your sad grip on the ten commandments...they were done away with Jesus' comments on that.

    Ciao Bella