Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Tidings of glogg with a sprig of white clover

If you own an Android smart phone or tablet, and you're of a sensible age, you're going to need a good dictionary app sooner or later.  After all, nothing quite proclaims your doofus status as loudly as frequent misspellings or malapropisms in those emails, tweets or blog entries.

Thankfully there are some great free options ready and eager to be downloaded from Google Play.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  Virtually unknown here in Her Majesty's Dominions, but a heavyweight contender in the US, Merriam-Webster has some cool features, such as providing a date for the entry of words into the language.  Today's Word of the Day: glogg - and very appropriate for the season it is too!

Dictionary.com.  I was cynical about just how useful this 'unbranded' app could be, but was pleasantly surprised.  Today's Word of the Day:  tidings  (a fairly predictable choice really.)

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus.  Based on the WordNet database developed at Princeton University.  Quite different in some ways from the other offerings, but once you get used to it, very useful.  Today's Word of the Day - I kid you not:  melilotus alba, white melilot, white sweet clover.  Not quite so predictable I'd think.

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  1. "malapropisms"
    Like "Media mongols" (Sir Les Patterson)