Saturday, 9 March 2013

What does this mean?

For anyone who thinks that fundamentalist theology is nuts, or at least more nuts than the traditional variety, try this on for size. Sourced from Paul McCain's Missouri Synod blog. My question... is there any meaning in this chart? Granted, it looks profound with the Greek and the specialist Latin terms. But so does an alchemy text, or a book on homeopathy. Does complexity equal depth, or is this just plain nonsense in a clerical suit?

For the full chart you'll need to click across.


  1. It's what you get when you make one bad assumption after another about the nature of Jesus and God where one "insight" causes another huge problem.

    Ted Johnston at The Surprising God Blog probably could explain it to everyone :)

  2. It's all Greek to me.

  3. If you want people to believe something, just make a chart, people love charts.

  4. At first glance, and without any explanation, it appears to be an exercise in gratuitous complexity. These days, when I see such exercises, I'm generally on guard against the next step, as that might well be manipulation. Looks like standard symposium stuff, for which someone will be paid handsomely!


  5. 'allo, 'allo, what's going on 'ere?

    It's probably quite simple really.

    Maybe a translation would help. GogleTranslate gives this:
    You pig-ignorant lay people don't speak Greek. Neither do I but I know enough to cut and paste a bit, and unicode helps make this easier. Although the doctrines of God, humanity and salvation are complicated they do make sense really, but they are all Greek to me, so I can't explain them to you!

  6. This means RUN - don't walk - to the nearest exit!