Saturday 4 September 2010

Christchurch quake

The age of the Internet meant that many people overseas knew about the quake that hit the Canterbury region of the South Island well before New Zealanders woke up in other parts of the country. The 7.1 quake hit in the early hours of the morning, and the damage has been dramatic, though miraculously there appear to have been no casualties.


  1. Even worse things might be coming.

    Better repent, Gavin.

  2. Apparently you're OK. Good for you, if that's true.

    Where are you located, in relation to Christchurch? (And is there a little irony in a major earthquake hitting a city with that name?)

  3. Why ironic, Richard? Shouldn't we expect places with godly names to attract acts of God?

  4. Canterbury is where the Anglican Pope lives.

    Hope the disastrous damage didn't hit your place too hard, Gavin (and I think "Anon" is possibly just yanking your chain, in the style of the old Ambassador Watch days).

  5. For all you folk in the barbarian wastelands beyond Godzone (especially Richard), Christchurch is on the Mainland (a.k.a. the South Island) while Otagosh - despite the name - comes out of the North Island. So no, I didn't feel a thing.

    Anonymous, I'd repent in a second, but for the life ofr me I can't think of anything to repent of! Woe is me, this may be the condition known as Meredithitis...

    PH, Canterbury in England is a tad different from Canterbury in NZ. Christchurch's leading landmark is, however, the Anglican cathedral which pretty much came through unscathed. Probably a case of the devil taking care of his own, dont'cha think? ;-)

  6. Barbarian wastelands??? Egad, sir, do I have to remind you that our class of criminal exiles was much higher than your bunch!

    'nuff said...

  7. LOL, well, we've all been schooled in how ignorant we are, haven't we? :-D

  8. Meredithitis is a most debilitating disease.You have to surrender 10%.

    10% of what some may well ask.That's up to the reader.

    I doubt Gavin has that condition as he has taken moderation measures to stave off the onset of that disease appearing on his blog.