Friday 16 March 2012

Dr. Bob on Apologetics

[T]he apologist begins with faith, not with the facts and data.  He then goes on to "spin" the evidence.  He believes he knows where it must in the end lead.  And he will make sure it gets there, no matter how much road construction he may have to do to clear that path, - he will do it to make straight the way in the wilderness for his God.

Apologetic arguments are directed to the doubter within...

Bob Price, Night of the Living Savior.

By the bye, the second episode of Bob's new podcast, The Human Bible, is now up.  "In this episode, we answer listener questions about unicorns and dragons, learn about the Old Testament's sources, premiere a new segment called "Apologetics Is Never Having to Say You're Sorry," and ask whether or not the Bible thinks human sacrifice is A-ok!"

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  1. I've been addicted to his Bible Geek podcasts for a few weeks too.