Saturday 31 March 2012

The Jesus Discovery

A nice roundup of what we know about the program airing over Easter, based on Prof. James Tabor's "Jesus Discovery", can be found on Jim West's blog, with a wealth of links for those who want to investigate further.  As Jim tactfully puts it...
On April 12th (just at the Easter Season passes) the Discovery Channel will air a program called ‘The Jesus Discovery’.  Watch it if you must.  Buy the book if you must.  But before you do there’s something you need to know: it is a load of nonsense.


  1. Oh, no, no, no, we can't have Jesus' bones...he ascended bodily into heaven hidden in a cloud. Or, a puff of smoke?

    And, even though Jesus was raised from the dead - body and all - he could walk through walls but still eat fish. And, as many ghosts on TV, some people could actually see and touch him. Seems like the fish (Luke 24:43) would just fall right on through to the floor if he could pass through walls.

    Never mind that flesh and blood cannot inherit...Jesus did and he wore clothes doing it. Or, maybe he walked through the locked door naked? If he did, that part is left out of the story - even on TV.

    However, that's the thing all through the bible, the angels wear clothes. Invisible (ghost) beings wearing invisible clothes, maybe? Well, they do on TV, don't they? Ghost clothes.

    Well, we can't have God walking around naked, can we? Much less a naked son coming out of a tomb. He must have grabbed some raiment from a passing stranger or something. 'Cause, we know he was naked in the tomb because of the Shroud of Turin, right?

    I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I see some holes in the whole story of this fully clothed, hungry Jesus who walked away from his tomb. One might even wonder why the stone had been rolled away (Mark 16:4), seeing as how he could walk through walls (John 20:19).

    Find his bones?...I think not!

  2. Oh...if Jesus every knew what had been done in his name he'd be rolling over in his gra.....hmmmm, never mind :)

  3. Oh they always say the stone was rolled away not so Jesus could get out but so they could get in. Besides if there stone was not opened, we'd never know if Shrodinger's cat was alive or dead! Probably both

  4. Titanoboa once slithered the planet, and Dinosaurs has fleas. Otagosh then evolved.

  5. Up until about 4 years ago, I wouldn't have known what to make of this. However, some in mainstream Christianity do teach that Jesus received a physical, incorruptible resurrection body, in which one's soul is centered, with the capabilities to defy natural physical laws when appropriate. This is quite different from HWA's teaching that man will become God as God is God, because it means that the soul is centered in one place at a time, as opposed to being omnipresent as God is.

    I respect much of Dr. Tabor's research, but do not believe that Jesus' bones were left behind. Some believe that during the resurrection process, extreme radiation was generated from within Jesus' body, thus creating a photographic negative image on the shroud of Turin, allegedly Jesus' garment in death. Some believe that the women thought Jesus was the gardener because he was in heavenly priestly garments following the rez.

    The point is, there is what we can know, and what we can't know. Much else is speculation. We know that Jesus' historicity is not questioned in most academic circles, because of the sheer mountain of evidence which would need to be ignored to come to this conclusion. It's not only the New Testament, but Cornelius Tacitus,
    Josephus (on whose credibility attempts have been made to assail), Suetonius, Pliny the Younger, the Jewish Talmudic records of the first centuries, the Antenicene Fathers, prophecies about the Messiah contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls which predated Jesus, the derivative and convoluted Gnostic Gospels, the Koran (He's called Isa) and other materials which would need to just simply go away in order to support Jesus' non-existence or his mythicism.

    That pattern and quality of thinking is just as faulty as what passed as valid research under HWA.


  6. What are "heavenly priestly garments"?

    Are they made from the cotton fields of Egypt or the wool of sheep. Or, are they made from an unknown crop of plants or animals grown/raised only in heaven?

    Spiritual means "invisible", so, perhaps they were like the emperor's new clothes - non-existent?