Monday, 30 April 2012

Chapter & verse, Elohim, hades and more

Episode 5 of The Human Bible podcast, hosted by Bob Price, has been posted.  No earnest self-flagellating offered, and none required.

Great fun, plus you learn stuff!


  1. You know...I really don't know what the purpose the podcast is - preaching to the choir? I don't know...uh, is anyone into "learning the bible"? Does Robert Price have hope of educating the ignorant masses about supernatural nonsense and ignorant superstition?

    I guess someone has to try and explain it all but to me it's really simple - they made it up.

  2. Yeah, okay. You might have the luxury of washing your hands of it, but like it or not the Bible is a cultural artifact that retains great power. Better to know something about its real origins and nature - rather than the common misinformation that parades as knowledge. Bob does a great job with the former.

  3. I have to agree with that, Gavin, especially that "great power" part. I guess that's why I blog and stuff. I know it doesn't do any good and makes no difference whatsoever but... and here's the thing: I tried. Course, I have a choice - I don't have to do it. I'm not sure Robert Price has that choice. I should be grateful, I suppose, to the Robert Prices and the Bart Ehrmans of the world - sure makes my part easier... at least we know where to look to check out their viewpoint.