Saturday, 8 February 2014

158th Journal available

The 158th issue of The Journal: News of the Churches of God has been released. Some of the features:

  • Wade Fransson writing about the Hulme sect, CoGaic, which he describes as "slightly reclusive". The man has an obvious talent for understatement (see related posting).
  • Leroy Neff's passing is noted.
  • An attempt is being made to resuscitate Ron Dart's once popular CEM (Christian Educational Ministries).
  • Bill Hawkins has a full page ad with the intriguing title "McDonald's Proves God Is Right." It's about customers cheating the burger joint by reusing Coke containers, thus proving to Bill that "society is sinking - and fast." 
  • Art Mokarow has bought up seventeen (I counted twice!) full pages in the same ad section. I'm guessing he'd be extremely lucky if seventeen people actually read them. Do you think Dixon gives him a bulk discount?
  • Bob Thiel, the accidental prophet, wants us all to know that his magazine is now appearing in Kiswahili, Tagalog and Mandarin editions. No, really... (Any further comment on my part would be superfluous.)
  • Phillip Griffith has taken to diagnosing the dead: "Smart people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson and Herbert Armstrong may have had Asperger's." 


  1. I would like to have seen the theory that HWA had Asperger's syndrome developed further, but apparently that headline was just used as a tease.


  2. How dare anyone compare Herbert Armstrong with Albert Einstein and Thomas Jefferson...that's just sick.

  3. First, let me thank Art Mokarow for helping make the Journal free.
    Actually, I find the looney pages at the back the most entertaining.
    "The Renaissance was when humans wanted to rule without
    God...Universities started to change from knowing God
    created all things to accepting a new “god” called
    Well thank you Mr Mokarow, don't ever change, stay stupid!