Friday, 28 February 2014

Pee-wee and the Rodomites

"It seems the departing BIsectual ministers are having trouble squeezing their oversize egos into a coherent programme. Could the shiny new vehicle have stalled at ignition. Oh dear, oh dear..."

Thus wrote I back on January 12, commenting on the breakaway (The Father's Call) from the breakaway (CoGaic) from the breakaway (UCG) that broke away from the Worldwide Church of God. No particular insight was necessary. This is simply the nature of the beast.

Now we learn, courtesy of Gary Leonard's most informative blog, that the revolution has fizzled with absolutely everybody seemingly miffed. David Hulme, the Dear Leader, has had his fiefdom radically downsized, Brian Orchard has been left in a corner weeping, and Peter Nathan has skived off to hide behind Rod Meredith's skirts.

That Pee-wee (along with a couple of other leading 'Hulmerous' refugees) has fled to the LCG is, well, interesting. Clearly he rejected that option at least once before but, alas, necessity is the mother of compromise. Better Rod than Brian, it seems.

Pee-wee has the distinction of being probably the least-loved former boss of the Kiwi WCG. Graeme Marshall and Bob Morton, for all their fallibilities, were at least well regarded by some in the church. I've yet to meet anyone who felt the same way about Peter. Indeed, when Raymond McNair replaced him, there were many who breathed a long sigh of relief. The problem seems to have been his use of the "Rehoboam strategy" (1 Kings 12). "Ambassador quality" for the elite, and rigorous tithing demands for the hoi polloi.

As for Rod "Spanky" Meredith, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to being a judge of ministerial character. Remember when he tried cuddling up to Dave Pack?

LCG is heading full throttle towards its own final crisis when the ageing Presiding Evangelist goes on to his eternal reward. His current lieutenants are somewhat lacking in the charisma department, and you just know it'll all end in tears. A nice opportunity for a clued-up outsider to ride in on a white horse, presenting a fresh face and an injection of intellectual grunt.

Is that a course that's open to Peter? It doesn't seem likely. Charisma and intellect are hardly words most of us associate with "Pee-wee the Kiwi". You know it, I know it...

But does Peter know it? 

It's all great entertainment - both comedy and drama intertwined; the Andy Griffiths Show crossed with Hannibal Lecter. But the final outcome is in no doubt, no matter which way you look at it. The legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong is heading for utter extinction. Sooner rather than later.


  1. Yep, Armstrongism is dead because British Israelism is dead. Nobody today, except nutty people, fall for that crap. Even Christianity as we once knew it is quickly fading away...replaced by a la la la, skip to my loo, I am cool and so are you religion. Not only do we have bikers for Jesus here in America, we have hookers for Jesus too. It's becoming an "anything goes" religion. You don't even have to change you're evil ways...just 'bleeve' on the Jesus on a piece of toast and you're good to go to heaven.

  2. Four Down-Under Dimwits (including Hulme from SA) still mesmerized by that even bigger Dimwit, HWA

  3. I agree with you about Armstrongism being headed for extinction. All of the groups are fighting over Armstrong's converts and are attracting few new recruits (Thank God). As Armstrong's folks die and more and more of their children become immune to their parent's theology, the maintenance stance of many of these groups will eventually result in nobody being left to turn the lights out and lock the door. The more I think about - that's probably a very good thing!

  4. Last one out, please bring the hymnals!


  5. They may not pass beyond the veil as quickly and quietly as we would like.

    But maybe, like the dinosaurs of 65 million years ago, something like a meteor may wipe them out -- some extinction event which yet we cannot see will strike.

  6. What difference does it make how soon our particular brand of religious con men pass into obscurity? There is no shortage of others playing the same game. A flip through the TV channels shows there are legions of other religious con men, of all varieties. Not to mention other types of con men. Con men have always preyed on people and always will, as long as there are profits to be had.

    The best defense is to teach our children critical thinking skills. And to reinforce our own critical thinking skills. Be skeptical, my friends ... be verrrrry skeptical.

  7. >The legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong is heading for utter extinction. Sooner rather than later.<

    What is the legacy of HWA? Can we have a brief definition, please?

    I am willing to bet that after the death of the Apostle Paul, there were many people saying, "The sooner he is forgotten the better."

    1. I would say that the legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong was three-fold: 1. He caused people to question the teachings of traditional Christianity (positive), 2. He twisted Scripture and history to support his religious teachings and agenda (negative) and 3. He founded an organization to support and abuse his followers. I would hope that the first of these legacies would survive him, but I would also hope that the negative effects of the other two would become extinct (it's dangerous to forget).
      I would agree that there were almost certainly people present in the First Century who said the same thing about Paul. However, there is one major difference between the two men: Paul was an apostle of Jesus Christ!