Friday, 7 February 2014

Another Armstrong Scion Speaks Up

Larry Gott, grandson of Herbert Armstrong, has granted an interview to the Secular Safe House website run by Troy Fitzgerald. This follows on from his earlier interview with Deborah Armstrong, Larry's cousin. Here's part of the description.
Larry shares what it was like growing up as the grandson of the cult founder, including what his grandfather compelled his parents to do when he became ill at the age of 3 — force him to go without food for 12 days.
He discusses what lead to his parents being disfellowshipped from the church by his grandfather and how that impacted his family. He shares about his mom’s return to the employ of the church as Herbert’s social secretary though she did not return to the church or attend services; Larry’s enrollment in the church’s college, Ambassador, when he was 29 even though not a member of the church (something that was almost unheard of in the church); his world travels with his grandfather on the church’s private jet; and the evolution of his views about religion.
Finally, Larry discusses his view and the family’s views about the allegations that his grandfather, Herbert, committed incest with his youngest daughter, Dorothy (Larry’s aunt) and his general views about the personality and character of his grandfather and whether he was qualified — according to his own Biblical teachings — to be considered “God’s apostle on earth” or even a minister of Jesus Christ.
The audio quality is regrettably poor, but don't let that put you off the content. For some reason the audio also stopped a few times with no apparent reason, but was easily restarted. You can listen at


  1. Fills in a lot of gaps.
    When the money was really rolling in by the early 70s, Herb funds family reconciliation for window-dressing/publicity with lucrative jobs and perks! Then fires her again for the second time, fires his son Ted as well, and his personal adviser, Rader! but Bev and Stan have contracts! Yeah, better have a contract if you're working for a volatile tyrant.

  2. Yes, why offer a disfellowshipped member a 'Job' with "more money" than they were making outside and a "rent controlled" apartment? Why grant other kid, Ted, continued financial distribution after he is defrocked, fired and condemned to HerbieHell? And was this just the tip of the iceberg? The paranoia must have been escalating - and for good reason: these people could sink his empire in 5 minutes if they squawked.