Tuesday 15 February 2011

Joel, Joel, tell us it ain't so!

Meekeravelli and members of CGWA?
Joel "Machiavelli" Meeker? Perhaps so. I don't know Joel... never met him. But his reputation has long gone before him, and it isn't exactly unalloyed good. Remember (if you're a UCG watcher) the petulant tirade that followed Aaron Dean's election to the Council of Elders? And now Tom Robinson has revealed what seem to be machinations on Joel's part to tear the French church away from the UCG while still accepting a paycheck from that organisation.

Does this strike anyone as unethical?

HT to Gary over at BBHWA.

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  1. Gavin, please define ethics.

    Those of use who have experienced Armstrongism were never taught about ethics, were subjected to unethical behavior by those in power who had no accountability and certainly did not have any kind of example of it from the so-called ministry of hirelings.

    Perhaps I'm deluded -- I certainly was while with Armstrongism, that's for sure [and if it weren't for your statements about how ridiculous British Israelism, I might still be with it] -- but I sort of suspect that if we ever found any ethics amongst the immoral, illegal and unethical Arsstrongists we'd recognize it.

    What with the stalkers, fondlers, adulterers, extortioners, liars, deceivers, alcoholics, abusers, the angry, narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths -- the weaklings all dressed up in an empty show of courage, without being willing to stand up and refusing pay while speaking out -- you'd think we'd had have a sighting.

    Are people with ethics extinct?