Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rapture ruptured

Jim West posted this clip featuring the marvellous Barbara Rossing speaking on the Rapture, providing the sage counsel to those who expect to be whisked away that they "really seriously need to watch this."

Jim is right, as he is about just about everything (excepting those things which he's wrong about... the extensive list of which is expected to be published in three expensive leather-bound volumes by a specialist publisher with offices in Leiden, sometime in 2013).

It's good to hear the responsibility for this dippy doctrine being sheeted home to its creator, the mad Irishman John Nelson Darby, and to be reminded about its negative effect on kids and feeble-minded politicians. It's easy to ignore this stuff, or regard it with distant contempt, but that overlooks the danger this nonsense poses and its uncritical acceptance by so many people who deserve to know better.

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  1. just three large folio volumes???? im slipping! must. be. more. direct...